So, What is a Blog?

A blog is many different things to different people.

It started out as a contraction of the word “weblog” and describes a type of website that’s updated by its owner on a regular basis. Some people describe their website as a blog and others think of their website as containing their blog.

A blog contains two types of ¬†update. A page is a static page and this tends not to change. What you’re reading now is a page. It looks like any other website out there. A blog post is a section of the blog that’s updated usually in chronological¬†order, and on a regular basis.

Both blog pages and posts can contain different types of media such as audio, video and visuals to help the reader understand a topic.

A blog can be used for both business and personal use.

If you have a business then you’ll get more

  • Leads
  • Search engine traffic
  • Trust with your customers
  • A boost to your business

If you have a hobby, or something you’re incredibly passionate about then blogging is for you too

  • Hobby blogging leads to business opportunities
  • Allows you to “test” and see if you can really make money from your hobby
  • Enables you to connect with other like-minded people
  • Lets you share family news, recipes and photos with ease

As well as being therapeutic (online journaling or writing), blogging can also be used for educational purposes and used to train people online.

A blog is an incredibly useful marketing tool as well as a tool for personal development.

What sort of person blogs?

Erm… every type of person has the ability to blog! I realise that’s hard to believe, but if you can type then you can blog. There are blog sites created by grandparents and blogs created by children to share their thoughts with the world. Oh, and every type of person in between can blog.

Blogs come in all languages and forms, you’re not restricted to text when blogging. You can use video, audio and images, and a blend of text, video, audio and images.

You don’t have to be technically minded to start blogging and it’s a very low cost hobby or business tool. And there are some incredible sources online (including this site) to help you with your blogging.

What software you blog with?

You can blog with any tool that allows you to update your website or page. I use software called WordPress and this site is built using self-hosted WordPress. You can also use a free version of WordPress, and there are other tools such as Blogger, Tumblr, Square Space, Medium and many, many others.

Why would you want to blog?

As I mentioned earlier, blogging can be very therapeutic; a way to work out, and structure your thoughts and feelings. It’s also a way of attracting in business and attention to yourself.

Blogging is a powerful way of connecting you to other people, it enables you to inform and educate your audience as well as making new friends and contacts, you’ll find it easier to keep in touch with older ones.

How do you start your blog?

The fact that you are here, reading this page is an indication that you’d like to start blogging and it’s here we need to make a decision on what type of blogging you are looking to do.