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So Sarah, What is a Blog?

It’s always the in-laws that ask the awkward questions… They’d heard me talking about blogging and decided as I love it, they’d get to know more about it… But I was stumped! How do I describe what a blog is to people who’ve not got smartphones?

That’s when I realised, I’d become so immersed in blogging that I’d forgotten what it was like before blogging…

A blog is many different things to different people.

It started out as a contraction of the word “weblog” and describes a dynamic website that’s updated by its owner on a regular basis. Some people describe their website as a blog and others think of their website as containing their blog. So you can see how I’ve struggled to explain what a blog is!


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A blog can be used for both business and personal use.

If you have a business blog on your website then you’ll get more

  • Leads
  • Search engine traffic
  • Trust with your customers
  • A boost to your business

If you have a hobby, or something you’re incredibly passionate about then blogging is for you too

  • Hobby blogging leads to business opportunities
  • Allows you to “test” and see if you can really make money from your hobby
  • Enables you to connect with other like-minded people
  • Lets you share family news, recipes and photos with ease

As well as being therapeutic (online journaling or writing), blogging can also be used for educational purposes and used to train people online.

A blog is an incredibly useful marketing tool as well as a tool for personal development.

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