How To Build Your Very Own Business Blog or Website

(Without Blowing a Small Fortune on Things You Don't Need)

  • You want to create your OWN business Website, or Blog, but not sure how?
  • Do you have a tight budget at the moment so you can't afford a website developer?
  • Can't find  anywhere that creating a site is explained all in one place AND  makes sense, in plain English?
  • Do you need something that you can study at your own pace?
  • If you can open and send an email, you can create your own blog, or website

Hi, I'm Kevin Arrow from Sark eMedia and we've built 100's of small business websites, membership sites, Academies, Ecommerce sites and continue to do so to this day! 

Learning The Basics Of Building Your Own Business Website Is NOT Hard

If you want to build a business website yourself, understand the process of transfering a website to self hosting, or even if you just want to understand what the basic parts of a website are, then your luck is in! You're in the right place.

Here's why...

Owning your own website and having control is the most important thing you will EVER do online for your business!

  • Having your own site adds value to your business
  • Your business website builds your visibility
  • The only person that can take your business website away or make changes is YOU
  • A business website is where you will generate leads, sales and build your community
  • Your authority and influence in your niche is built from your business website
  • Credibility is gained by having a business website that truly reflects your business

This course will give you everything you need in one place to launch your very own basic business website

Every day your business website is not live is another day a prospect may be going to your competition

By building your own website this will allow your prospects to find you and start to build up the trust that preceeds a sale

Building the basics of your business website will save you having to employ a web designer, and this means you can spend your budget on other apsects of your business.

​Imagine how great it will feel when you publish your first ever business website and it looks fantastic!

​Think about how you will be able to expand upon your business website and create multiple lead funnels with these new skills you've developed

Most small business owners now have a web in presence on social media, but don't have a business website 

Having space online which YOU control, that allows you to represent yourself and your business along with attracting in leads and sales is the best thing you could ever do for your business

This training covers all of the basics you will need. It will save you hours having to search around for trustworthy and up to date information

The clearly laid out training modules and lessons allow you to go straight to the section you need!

The course is at a complete beginners level. Anyone without technical training can understand this training with ease, and without feeling out of their depth. If you can send an email, you can absolutely do this.

So Here's The Bottom Line With Build Your Own Business Website

You'll  get 29 training videos that will guide you through the whole process of buying a domain name, hosting etc to publishing a fully functional business building website

What People Are Saying About Us

John Doe UI/UX Designer


“We hired Sark eMedia to design and install a blogging site to promote our Computer repair services in Cirencester, 48 hours later it was all done 

Paul Frost
- Director

Sark eMedia did a stunning job on my website"

“Sark eMedia did a stunning job on my website, not only on look-and-feel but also functionality. To say I was stunned and impressed was an understatement. I will recommend them to any business big or small, you will change the way you look at online for the better!”

Simon Twilly
- Video Producer
John Doe UI/UX Designer

Build Your Business Website Training

Now you are ready to take action. You feel confident this training is for you. Here's where you are going to start to take control of the online side of your business by clicking the 'BUY NOW' button.  This program will empower you in more ways than one, and it's ready and raring to go. As soon as you purchase you will get sent a login to your Paypal email address. You can login to our training academy, and in the space of a few hours have the start of your business website online! 

John Doe UI/UX Designer

“He also over delivers on the task set out."

I worked with Kevin to develop a web presence and webinar content. Not only is he extremely thoughtful, he also over delivers on the task set out. I was extremely happy with the results that came from hiring him. Wouldn't hesitate to recommend him for any collaborative or web work!

Khierstyn Ross
-Chief Launch Strategist 

Kevin Arrow
                       Creator of                                                   How to build your own business website

About Your Trainer

When I started out in business building my first ever website was not easy - these were the days before WordPress - but even so it was possible to try to build your own website. To say it was time consuming and tricky is an understatement. 

These days we are really lucky as WordPress is a very user friendly Content Management System. Once you have learnt the basics and have someone show you round the software you'll love it. I've created this course to help people just like you, who are struggling with the tech overwhelm,  just like I was all those years ago. So whether its just a deeper understanding you want, or  you are going to try to build you first site as money is tight then get this program - it's been created with you in mind!

As A Special Bonus

Once you have purchased the 'How to build your own business website training' I will be inviting you to join us on a FREE training to start building good engaging business content which will help you get your message out there and your business visible to those that need your services. 

​How Will you get access to this Free Bonus Training? 

That's simple, once you have purchased this course you will be given a login to our training area, in the very fitrst section will be a link to go off and get you Bonus training for FREE, This can be started straight away or once you have your site built. It will be available and waiting for you whenever you are ready 

Here's a Breakdown of Your Website Training

  • What is WordPress
  • How To Create A Web Hosting Account
  • How To Install WordPress Using Softaculous
  • How To Move To Self Hosted From
  • How To Log into Your WordPress Website
  • Introducing The WordPress Dashboard
  • Installing A WordPress Theme
  • WordPress Plugins
  • How To Use Widgets
  • Create And Edit A Menu
  • Creating A Static Homepage
  • Creating A Page
  • How To Create And Publish A Blog Post
  • Adding A Category
  • How To Add A Link
  • How To Change The URL Structure
  • How To Add An Image To Your Blog Post
  • How To Wrap Text Around An Image
  • How to get FB To Take The Right Image
  • How To Manage Comments
  • FTP Basics And Using Filezilla
  • How To Choose An Ecommerce Plugin
  • Linking Google Analytics
  • How To Create A Gravatar
  • How To Create Clickable Images In Your Sidebar
  • Understanding Yoast SEO
  • XML Sitemaps
  • How To Fix Plugin conflicts
  • WordPress Security Basics

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

You are fully protected by our 100% Satisfaction-Guarantee. If you are not able to get started with your very own self hosted WP business website and you have contacted us, just let us know and we'll send you a prompt refund.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to understand coding to do this course?

I can find all of this information for free, why should  I buy this course?

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How long will I have the course for?

Can I only build one business website with this training?

P.S. Remember that this training will give you all of the tools you need to start building a very strong and robust business website that will serve you for years to come. All the time you are not visible online your competition is. Don't let them have the upper hand.